A new step towards electromobility

A new step toward electromobility

A new step towards electromobility

As the transport energy transition is accelerating, IVECO BUS has taken another important step on the road of the zero-emission urban mobility with a complete and flexible offer of electric city buses: the new IVECO BUS E-WAY is there to bring its customers through this new chapter of the history of people transport.

The E-WAY by IVECO BUS has been conceived with high quality standards, its stainless-steel structure is associated with an innovative and fascinating design rewarded at the DNA Paris Design Awards 2021.

12- or 18-meter-long models of the E-WAY now are available as a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT version), named LINIUM.


High flexibility
9.5 m, 10.7 m, 12 m and 18 m lenght availability


BRT version
IVECO BUS high-end proposal for zero emission bus rapid transit


Top of the range in charging options
Overnight charge at depot and opportunity charge by top-down or bottom-up pantograph


Components distribution and passenger layout are optimized for the top performance matching with the best comfort

Performance & Sustainability

  • Innovative solutions for a mobility of quality

    Large autonomy due to top energy management system from OEM, revised structure to gain payload, heat pump taking care of thermal management.

  • Latest energy solution

    The solution is based on NMC chemistry, providing excellent energy density and a high-performance Battery Management System. It offers long autonomy, large installed capacity, and an exceptional rate of usable energy.
    Available on every model of the E-WAY range, the same battery solution is offering a top down or bottom-up pantograph for 12 and 18 meters, making the opportunity charge a key option. Smart charging, in accordance with ISO 15 118, is also included.
    The plug-in charge can be placed at multiple points based on customer requirements and complies with VDV 236 standards

  • Modularity

    The installed battery capacity and overall passenger number often conflict, even when using high density chemistry like NMC. By increasing the payload on the front axle and introducing a new element in the design, we can create various combinations of roof component layouts to maximize passenger capacity based on desired autonomy and charging strategy. This approach is referred to as the "Modularity approach".

  • Smart thermal management

    The key to high performance is the harmonization of different systems working wisely to a common target: lengthen the autonomy keeping a high level of driver and passenger comfort. The CO2 based heat pump system is working to optimize the electric consumption of the vehicle both in cold and hot weather condition allowing to increase the portion of battery capacity dedicated to the traction of the vehicle.

    Additionally, the CO2 used as a gas is not toxic and more sustainable than other gas carriers in the long term.

People care

  • E-WAY: Comfort and well-being

    E-WAY is available in both standard and BRT versions (LINIUM) to provide high quality bus-based transit. The E-WAY also offers a supremely comfortable experience for both drivers and passengers with no vibrations and smooth acceleration and a spacious, well-designed interior helping to create the conditions for well-being and conviviality of the users, contributing to a positive image of urban transport.

    The BRT versions E-WAY LINIUM have been designed to improve the journeys and the living environment of the city-dwellers and so offer a service close to what as can offer other conventional systems of public transport. Their level of customization includes among other things, a distinctive front end, roof trim and wheel covers.

  • Customer needs listening

    Different interior decorating possibilities are available, along with a wide selection of colors for stanchions, handrails, side panels, and roof. Different seat layout options enable us to offer a tailor-made solution that meets the requirements of any network.
    Integrated information screens and video surveillance solutions are available and can be customized.
    The flat floor along the entire length of the vehicle optimizes accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility, as well as for passengers with prams or in wheelchairs.

  • Enjoy driving the e-way

    The E-WAY offers an incredible driving experience even in challenging road conditions.
    The compact dimensions of the E-WAY midibus models: -9.5 or 10.7 m long and only 2.33 m wide make them very agile for routes difficult to access, especially narrow streets in city centers.

    The driver's position is elevated in relation to the passenger floor, providing excellent visibility of the front access area.
    The lateral dashboard is designed in a rational way, housing the most frequently used controls that the driver can easily reach with a natural gesture.
    The digital cluster displays essential driving parameters at a glance, while the navigation menus provide access to detailed parameters for vehicle management activities at a later time.

Technology & Safety​

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    A range of advanced driver assistant systems enhance road safety and pave the way for "Autonomous Driving". These new measures aim to better protect passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists, potentially saving numerous lives.
    IVECO BUS is actively involved by developing technologies for improved recognition of blind spots, collision prevention with pedestrians or cyclists, tire pressure monitoring systems, preparation for alcohol testing devices, and on-board cybersecurity systems that play a vital role in the entire vehicle lifecycle.
    In addition to the mandatory systems as per GSR, other valuable operational systems can instill confidence in city traffic congestion: camera mirrors, bird eye view, and BSIS on the driver side.

  • Resilient

    E-WAY structure offers leading achievements in both mandatory and complementary regulations for passive safety in a class I CityBus.

    Compliance with UNECE R66, R29, and R93 is integral to E WAY's new structure. The overall intervention process has enabled E-WAY to become modular in component arrangement, ensuring the best trade off between installed energy and passenger capacity.

  • Digitalization

    The integrated IVECO On service goes beyond ordinary fleet management.

    It allows customers to access fleet reports online, in real time, and provides control room support to maximize vehicle uptime. Moreover, customers can utilize the web API to create custom reports for their operations center.

Full Electric BRT Concept: the LINIUM

The right driveline for powering green mobility

IVECO BUS promotes the use of alternative fuels and powertrains for citybuses in order to provide improved air quality in cities and help reduce CO2 emissions.

E-WAY brochure

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