Designed for interurban and school transport

Designed for interurban and school transport

Designed for interurban and school transport, CROSSWAY is a reliable and universal hard worker whose amazing qualities have made it the most sold intercity vehicle in Europe.

A perfect instrument for short-distance and medium-distance passenger transport. Thanks to millions of kilometres driven under all conditions CROSSWAY can offer a high reliability rate.

Productivity is at the heart of the new CROSSWAY: the best quality to price ratio in the market, fuel efficiency, longer service intervals, higher safety and many more enhancements.

Three lengths (10.8 m - 12 m - 13 m) and a wide offer of seat layouts make the CROSSWAY range the best and most flexible means of transport.

With more than 50.000 units sold so far, CROSSWAY is the most wanted intercity in Europe.


3 lenghts, 3 engines and up to 63 seats.


The highest passenger capacity is combined with excellent manoeuvrability at the very best price.


Driver care
Many enhancements to make the driver cabin a comfortable place for the day-by-day work.


Safety of passengers is our priority.

A complete range for all missions

CROSSWAY can easily satisfy all customer needs in every passenger transport mission thanks to its versatility and variety of available versions.
  • CROSSWAY – POP version

    The best solution for school transport, delivering excellent accessibility and carefully designed interior comfort. Attractive operating costs and proven reliability complete the package.

  • CROSSWAY – LINE version

    The ideal choice for short-distance and medium-distance passenger transport, featuring low fuel consumption, longer service intervals, a driver area conceived to meet the highest ergonomic standards, all in a safe and comfortable environment.


    The evolution of CROSSWAY Line, proposing integrated air-condition, individual passengers lights and air outlets, without increase of vehicle height.

  • CROSSWAY – PRO version

    The perfect answer for customers looking for a regional-route service vehicle or a mixed-mission one. CROSSWAY Pro is a flexible vehicle offering all the practical features of an intercity bus together with the comfort of a standard coach; the mix of easy access devices and tourist equipment makes it possible to travel in the city environment and to operate in the intercity premium segment as well.

Performance and sustainability

  • All type of tractions

    The CROSSWAY range is highly versatile, offering various types of motorizations:
    - Tector 7 for Diesel / HVO / XTL
    - Cursor 9 for Diesel / HVO / XTL and Natural Gas (CNG or biomethane) for lower emissions.

  • TCO

    When we talk about cost, we talk about Total Cost of Ownership: the one and only measure of a sound investment.
    Total Cost of Ownership is made of many components: selling price, capital cost, maintenance and repair costs, fuel and consumption, residual value, and other costs such as driver salary, insurances, taxes, and tolls, etc.
    We are always and strongly committed to optimize the majority of these components during the whole life of the vehicle. The result? A higher satisfaction in terms of global savings and higher resale value for all our customers.

  • Seats layouts

    More passengers in less space: the capacity is 63 people, who can travel with every comfort on board despite the length of the vehicle being 13m. This is thanks to intelligent design and optimized space organization.

People care

  • Comfort on board

    LED technology for internal and external lighting means environmentally friendly, extended lifetime and low electrical power consumption Luggage compartments under the passengers floor offer travelers a wide space, also for medium/long distances Vehicle lengths have been extended, meaning higher comfort both for the driver and the passengers on board The electronic constant control of the suspensions set up along with advanced standard safety systems make CROSSWAY a safe environment to reach your destination.

  • VDV/EBSF driver's workplace

    The use of the VDV/EBSF* standards in the driver’s workplace guarantees that drivers will always find buttons and switches in the same place and have the same ergonomic impression regardless of the vehicle type. The main purpose of these international standards is to provide higher comfort and safety. The IVECO BUS driver’s workplace fully meets the parameters required in the fields of ergonomics, workplace accessibility, heating and ventilation, and is among the best performers in terms of visibility, internal noise level and stowage space.

    *VDV options available for CROSSWAY Low Entry, city and intercity versions, all lengths.

Technology & Safety

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    The new Vehicle General Safety Regulation starts today.
    A range of advanced driver assistant systems improve road safety and chart the course towards the "Autonomous Driving".
    The new safety measures will help to better protect passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, expectedly saving many lives, and IVECO BUS is part of this by developong technologies for better recognising possible blind spots, warnings to prevent collisions with pedestrians or cyclists and tyre pressure monitoring systems, preparation for alcohol testing device, on-board cybersecurity systems as a key factor in the whole vehicle lifecycle.

  • Safety

    Brake control, incorporating basic functions such as ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ASR (anti-slip regulation).
    - Faster response times and reduced braking distance with ESP (electronic stability control).
    - Reduced risk of vehicle loss of control.
    The vehicle, its structure, and components undergo anti-corrosion treatment with cathodic dip coating, the most efficient industrial solution against corrosion.
    Compliance with Regulation R66/02 with a reinforced structure in case of vehicle rollover.

High performance whatever the engine

More engines to meet every need
Natural Gas & Biomethane

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