The universal bus

Excellent accessibility for all passengers

Designed with transport productivity in mind, CROSSWAY LE is a bus that performs perfectly in both city and intercity operations.

The Low Entry concept guarantees excellent accessibility for all passengers entering and exiting the vehicle.

The power train, based on the proven CROSSWAY normal-floor vehicle, enables fast and economical transport on intercity high-speed roads as well as in the city environment.

The CROSSWAY LE delivers the highest passenger capacity combined with excellent manoeuvrability at the very best price.


City & Intercity versions, 4 lenghts and 3 drivelines availability


CNG allows full access to every part of the city with no circulation restrictions - while guaranteeing the TCO of Intercity vehicle


3 axles: more passengers, maximum performance
Welcome more passengers aboard with optimised weight and length for maximum performance, best turning circle in its class (23.8 m).


A real success story
The CROSSWAY has already sold nearly 33,000 units since its launch more than 10 years ago.

Different size for several service operations

  • City Version

    Designed primarily for urban traffic, but also suitable for suburban routes, it stands out for its barrier-free access for passengers thanks to the lowered floor between the front and middle doors and the standard manual wheelchair ramp.

  • Line Version

    The ideal choice for short and medium-range passenger transportation, it is distinguished by a richer range of options suitable for longer distances, such as internal luggage racks and reclining seats, and standard ESP for total passenger safety on board.

Performance and sustainability

  • All type of tractions

    The CROSSWAY range is highly versatile, offering various types of motorizations:
    - Tector 7 for Diesel / HVO / XTL
    - Cursor 9 for Diesel / HVO / XTL and Natural Gas (CNG or biomethane) for lower emissions.

  • Sustainable by nature

    The benefits are particularly significant in terms of reducing particulate matter and NOx, which have a significant impact on human health.
    Available in the biogas version, the CROSSWAY Low Entry Natural Gas ensures an extremely low carbon footprint. Biogas, in fact, not only reduces PM and NOx emissions, but also guarantees a reduction in CO2 emissions, one of the main greenhouse gases, by up to 95%.
    Thanks to these new features, the CROSSWAY Low Entry Natural Gas ensures optimal performance even in complex urban environments with restricted traffic zones.

People care

  • Low entry accessibility

    The Low Entry transport mission is led by two models:
    - Low Entry LINE for intercity operations
    - Low Entry CITY for urban and suburban routes
    The low floor between the front and middle doors allows for easy access for all passengers. Vehicles can be equipped with manual or electric ramps with a dedicated internal area for disabled persons in two- and three-door versions.

  • Driver position

    Driving the Crossway is easy
    The dashboard has been redesigned with new control commands. More space and a new look make the driver cabin a comfortable place for everyday operations.
    Radio controls on the steering wheel and a single integrated panel allow for a safe and easy control of the main functions, including climate in the driver area and passenger compartment, and independent heating.

  • More seating available

    Compared to generic low-frequency models, the CROSSWAY LE offers more seating for a safer and more comfortable journey.

Technology & Safety

  • Safety

    - Brake control, incorporating basic functions such as ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ASR (anti-slip regulation).
    - Faster response times and reduced braking distance with ESP (electronic stability control).
    - Reduced risk of vehicle loss of control.
    The vehicle, its structure, and components undergo anti-corrosion treatment with cathodic dip coating, the most efficient industrial solution against corrosion.
    Compliance with Regulation R66/02 with a reinforced structure in case of vehicle rollover.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    The new Vehicle General Safety Regulation starts today.
    A range of advanced driver assistant systems improve road safety and chart the course towards the "Autonomous Driving".
    The new safety measures will help to better protect passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, expectedly saving many lives, and IVECO BUS is part of this by developong technologies for better recognising possible blind spots, warnings to prevent collisions with pedestrians or cyclists and tyre pressure monitoring systems, preparation for alcohol testing device, on-board cybersecurity systems as a key factor in the whole vehicle lifecycle.

3 axles

The perfect solution to welcome more passengers on board with maximum comfort and safety.
The CROSSWAY LE 3 axles provides outstanding passenger capacity thanks to the third axle, while also ensuring excellent vehicle handling given its length. It is the ideal partner for both city and intercity missions such as line operations on regional / national roads requiring significant passenger capacity.

Crossway Low Entry Elec

a zero-emission solution available to regions, departments and cities wishing to implement carbon-free mobility projects

High performance whatever the engine

More engines to meet every need
Natural Gas & Biomethane

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