The universal bus

The universal bus

Designed with transport productivity in mind, CROSSWAY LE is a bus that performs perfectly in both city and intercity operations.

The Low Entry concept guarantees excellent accessibility for all passengers entering and exiting the vehicle.

The power train, based on the proven CROSSWAY normal-floor vehicle, enables fast and economical transport on intercity high-speed roads as well as in the city environment.

The CROSSWAY LE delivers the highest passenger capacity combined with excellent manoeuvrability at the very best price.


City & Intercity versions, 4 lenghts and 3 drivelines availability


CNG allows full access to every part of the city with no circulation restrictions - while guaranteeing the TCO of Intercity vehicle


3 axles: more passengers, maximum performance
Welcome more passengers aboard with optimised weight and length for maximum performance, best turning circle in its class (23.8 m).


A real success story
The CROSSWAY has already sold nearly 33,000 units since its launch more than 10 years ago.

A complete range for all missions, CROSSWAY can easily satisfy all customer needs in every passenger transport mission.

One of the best vehicles on the market for low-floor public transportation, designed for urban traffic and with easy passenger access, the ideal choice for short-distance and medium-distance passenger transport, featuring low fuel consumption, longer service intervals and a enhanced driver area.

More drivelines to meet every need

Get maximum performance and efficiency - whatever your mission is.

Suitable for suburban operations: the efficient alternative to Low frequency.

Performance and sustainability

The New CROSSWAY LE 3 axles is the perfect solution to welcome more passengers on board with maximum comfort and safety.

The New CROSSWAY LE 3 axles provides outstanding passenger capacity thanks to the third axle, while also ensuring excellent vehicle handling given its length. It is the ideal partner for both city and intercity missions such as line operations on regional / national roads requiring significant passenger capacity.
  • More passengers, more profit

    With a total length of 14.5 m, the main advantage of the New CROSSWAY LE 3 axles is its huge passenger capacity.

  • Outstanding manoeuvrability

    In the three-axle configuration, the total length of the New CROSSWAY LE is extended to 14.5 m, while retaining all of the manoeuvrability features (turning radius) of the 13 m version.

  • Strong and reliable

    Optimized weight and lenght for maximum performance.

People care

Technology & Safety

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