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Empowering Learning Excellence through the IVECO BUS Academy

IVECO BUS Academy is a dedicated training organization created to enhance the knowledge and expertise of our stakeholders across the value chain by providing a wide range of training programs tailored to our global offering.
Our commitment extends beyond static training programs, as we continuously evolve our offering to include the latest energies, technologies and regulations, and integrate digital solutions for a more immersive learning experience.
Our mission is to deliver value to our customers, service partners and community by raising the level of their competencies through strategic training initiatives. From enhancing the selling proposition and supporting the cost- and time-effectiveness of daily activities to promoting a culture of continuous learning, we are committed to providing comprehensive training solutions. Join us on this transformative journey where you can gain the expertise you need for sustained success, making us your trusted partner in achieving excellence in the dynamic landscape of the BUS industry. 

Welcome to a training experience that extends beyond boundaries


  • A team of specialist

    Our team of dedicated specialists leads the way in technical training. With a wealth of expertise, our trainers deliver a comprehensive range of modules, ensuring each session fully aligns with IVECO BUS's latest offering. In fact, with almost 1,500 electric buses produced at the end of 2023 and the leadership in the Gas segment, we have developed a strong knowledge of e-mobility and alternative fuels that we transfer to our stakeholders in our courses. Our dynamic team brings efficiency to every training session, providing participants with high-quality education tailored to the world of IVECO BUS solutions.

  • Customized solutions

    We offer a diverse range of delivery methods, embracing digitalization for a modern learning experience. Whether it's theoretical knowledge transfer in a classroom or practical training with our buses, our courses are designed to accommodate different learning preferences. Our customers and service partners have the flexibility to choose different locations for their courses, joining us at our Training Centers or opting for the convenience of on-site training at their location. This commitment to flexibility and tailored solutions reflects our dedication to delivering the most effective experience. Explore the possibilities and embark on a journey of customized learning.

  • Learning paths

    We provide learning paths tailored to the profiles of our stakeholders based on the mission. We offer different levels of training, starting with comprehensive onboarding sessions that lay a strong foundation for beginners, and progressing to professional-level courses for those seeking advanced expertise. This commitment to individually tailored training paths underscores our dedication to meeting the diverse skill levels required within the industry.

  • The training platform

    Explore the convenience of our training platform where empowerment meets seamless learning. Our service partners have the autonomy to navigate through our comprehensive training catalogs and select sessions that align with their specific needs and schedules. The user-friendly interface enables effortless booking. This platform is designed with your convenience in mind, ensuring that you have the flexibility to shape your learning journey.