Clean city transport, in a cost-effective way

Clean city transport, in a cost-effective way

The STREETWAY extends the IVECO BUS offering for city transport with an efficient bus optimized for urban mobility.

This new low-floor city bus offers a choice of two lengths, 12 metres and 18.75 metres, and a wide variety of configurations to match different urban transport needs.

It is powered by the highly fuel-efficient FPT Industrial engines, available in Diesel and Natural Gas versions, that deliver a clean, cost-effective performance.

Supported by the widespread IVECO BUS service network and extensive offering of connected services, the STREETWAY can be relied on to deliver industry-leading sustainable mobility.


The right engine and driveline for every application


Wide choice of lengths, gearboxes, engines, seat layout and configurations to suit every customer need


Maximum efficiency
Easy maintenance and optimized TCO through the rationalization of technical solutions


Proven reliability
Robust, proven solutions, with tried and tested components and assemblies. Durability-boosting features such for long-lasting body life.

Performance & Sustainability

  • Essential equipement for city operations

    The STREETWAY is meticulously designed to provide maximum economic and operational efficiency in urban transportation.
    Simplified maintenance, excellent fuel efficiency, and engine after-treatment technologies, combined with a practical and economically efficient design, ensure significant savings and a greatly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).
    The STREETWAY can be configured to meet any specific operational requirement, from performance and size to passenger capacity required by the customer.

  • Efficient all tractions

    The STREETWAY represents an economically efficient solution for sustainable urban mobility. The low-consumption FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engine, combined with the HI-SCR after-treatment system without active regeneration, optimizes fuel efficiency and drastically reduces emissions.
    The STREETWAY with the Cursor 9 engine in the compressed natural gas (CNG) version ensure excellent autonomy thanks to high-capacity tanks, offering an extremely clean and efficient solution for urban mobility.

  • Biogas and XTL fuels compatible

    IVECO BUS STREETWAY is also compatible with XTL fuels - also known as synthetic fuels or e-fuels - and biogas.

People care

  • Flat floor design, cantilever

    The lowered platform between the front and middle doors facilitates access for all passengers.
    The ample space on the lowered platform eases passenger flow, ensuring maximum accessibility for all travelers and facilitating traffic.
    Additionally, the STREETWAY can be equipped with an electric or manual access ramp, as well as an internal area dedicated to passengers with disabilities.

  • 5 seats on the back

    The STREETWAY emphasizes passenger comfort and operational efficiency.

    With intelligent distribution of interior space in both motor versions, it offers various seating configurations, including the option of having five seats at the rear, to meet different needs and optimize urban transport.

  • Improved driver position​

    The driver's position is comfortable and slightly elevated, providing a wide visibility for maximum safety while driving, and complete control over the vehicle.

Technology & Safety​

  • Fulfilling R66, R29 for maximal passengers and driver passive safety ​

    Compliance with UNECE R66 and R29 is integral to the STREETWAY, ensuring full passive safety for passengers and the driver.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    These new safety measures aim to better protect passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists, saving countless lives.
    IVECO BUS is actively developing technologies to address crucial aspects such as recognizing blind spots, warning systems to prevent collisions with pedestrians or cyclists, tire pressure monitoring, alcohol testing devices, and on-board cybersecurity systems, which play a vital role throughout the vehicle's lifecycle.


A cost effective solution for sustainable urban mobility
Natural Gas & Biomethane

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