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A single point of contact for IVECO customers, for services for their vehicles, always updated and accessible from mobile devices.


Your peace of mind on fleet status
Reaching productivity and efficiency targets in conducting your business is important to protect your competitiveness and profitability. IVECO stands by you with a valuable set of information and insights regarding your vehicles and your fleets.


Monitor and manage key operating parameters at any moment to get the best from your vehicles.
IVECO ON is an easy-to-use platform that gives you access to all real-time data from your connected IVECO vehicles. A customizable dashboard and regular reporting activity will provide you with all the necessary information to have full control over the management of your IVECO fleet, the safety of your drivers, and the operating times of your IVECO vehicles.
Access flexible maintenance and repair services and monitor them. Join the IVECO community and improve communication with your preferred IVECO dealers to keep your IVECO vehicle in perfect condition.

Fleet Dashboard

Access your IVECO ON portal to observe real-time data related to your fleet's fuel consumption, delve into vehicle behavior over a period of time you select, and create your personal dashboard with preferred data. Receive targeted suggestions, create/extract reports, and discover the numerous other available functions.

Regular Reporting Activity

Gain systematic access to the most important information about your vehicles and simplify your daily work by focusing on your main activity. The IVECO ON portal regularly provides you with relevant information and necessary actions to improve the availability and usage of your fleet.
The Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) onboard system generates weekly reports that are automatically sent to the fleet manager, so that customers have summaries of fuel consumption and driver behavior in previous weeks in terms of efficiency and safety. The data is also uploaded to IVECO ON and sent to the customer via email.

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Control Room reports

Using telematics data, the Control Room department of IVECO BUS aims to provide to its customers the Proactive Maintenance tools they need to improve their buses' uptime.

As part of the Smart Pack of the IVECO ON offering, customers with connected IVECO buses are given access to online, dynamic reports updated daily and showing information about vehicle use and behaviour, major dashboard fault lamps, and maintenance-related information, thus allowing them to improve the diagnosis, identify unusual trends for some parameters, plan their maintenance more efficiently in order to reduce the downtime.

In addition, a dedicated report is also provided for our electric range in order to monitor the trips and the use of traction batteries.

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Download EASY BUS app

The new IVECO ON Easy Bus app has been designed to make your life easier. You can benefit from the following functions, directly from your mobile device:

  • Driving Style Evaluation : score related to the driving behavior
  • Remote Assistance Service : remote diagnosis
  • Over The Air update : autonomous software update

Easy Bus App

Make your life easier as an IVECO BUS driver; Easy Way App allows to manage the cabin and vehicle functionalities directly from your mobile device.

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The best solution for customers who want to manage telematics data on their own in a single, agnostic, multi-brand system
This optional service is intended for customers who want to create their own agnostic dashboards and reports, using the real-time standard TiGR data stream specified by the ITxPT association.
It provides a wide range of real-time technical information that go beyond other systems like geolocation, all dashboard faults, and many parameters about engine, doors, traction batteries, etc.
It allows flexible data integration in the customer’s own systems and facilitates the management of data for multi-brand fleets in a single tool.
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