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URBANWAY. A further step into the future of sustainable urban mobility

IVECO's range of buses for urban mobility is evolving both in terms of available models and product features.

The URBANWAY E6 Step E is prepared to meet the new challenges of urban sustainability, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for transporting people.

The CREALIS, with its unique design and aerodynamic lines, is much more than a bus. As the pioneer and leader of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) segment, IVECO BUS has already made numerous models available, making it a valuable new tool for today's urban realities.


A comprehensive offering to satisfy every public transport authority need


Versatile interior layout
Optimal light and intelligent use of space to offer a welcoming interior


Your practical solution
Fom 10.5 to 18 m length, 4 different drivelines


BRT version
The highest level of customer centric experience

Performance and sustainability

  • Ideal for Low Carbon mobility

    With low infrastructure investment and mature technology, our CNG buses have emerged as a proven solution for sustainable and clean mobility over the past 25 years.
    Both URBANWAY and CREALIS CNG enhance air quality and quality of life by minimizing emissions and reducing noise pollution.

  • The newest hybrid generation

    The URBANWAY Hybrid vehicle minimizes operating costs with remarkable fuel economy achieved through battery-powered energy recovery during driving. Additionally, all auxiliary devices have been optimized to improve energy consumption.
    The CREALIS Hybrid is renowned for its peacefulness at bus stops when approaching and departing, a quality valued by both passengers and city residents. Moreover, the CREALIS Hybrid utilizes energy recovery while driving in city centers.

  • Smart Hi-SCR Technology

    Thanks to the most efficient Euro VI technology with no regeneration, you can stop wasting fuel, time, and productivity.
    URBANWAY and CREALIS, fitted with the Cursor 9 Euro VI step E engine, allows you to spend more time running your business. It offers long maintenance intervals and has been optimized for urban mobility missions. Also promotes the use of alternative fuels with its innovative technology, those buses are fully compatible with the new HVO and XTL fuels, acting towards greener mobility with no infrastructure impact and low costs.

  • Born sustainable

    When it comes to recycling, the URBANWAY body is constructed with bolted panels, allowing for individual removal for repair and end-of-use purposes, as well as material sorting. The shell is also made from bolted steel sub-elements that can be easily unscrewed for disposal.
    CREALIS is fully integrated into IVECO BUS's extensive range of sustainable transport solutions. It is available with various engine options, including CNG, Full Hybrid, HVO, and biogas, showcasing IVECO BUS's strong commitment to delivering efficient and eco-friendly public transport.

People Care

  • Comfort and wellbeing

    The URBANWAY offers a spacious interior and a welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax while traveling. Customizable options like colored ambient lighting and personalized interiors add to the cozy style and help passengers feel at home.

    The CREALIS provides an unparalleled sense of well-being with its optimal lighting and intelligent use of space. Large glazed surfaces and blue LED lighting ensure maximum brightness and avoid the tunnel effect in the lower area, creating a relaxing atmosphere. This excellent on-board visibility enhances both passenger and driver safety.

  • Smart passenger flow

    URBANWAY's wide low floor space enables fast passenger flow while ensuring full disabled access.
    Thanks to a smart distribution of interior space, all drivelines provide multiple seating arrangement possibilities to optimize the density of passengers and the way they live inside the bus.

    On the CREALIS to ensure smooth, rapid passenger flow and maximum comfort without compromise, there are 4 large transit zones and dedicated seating areas.

  • Brightness and climate comfort

    The optimal natural brightness, excellent visibility and attractive LED ambient lighting all provide comfort and wellbeing, making for a relaxed journey. Superb climate comfort, with dedicated air vents and over-door air curtains, allows efficient airflow to create the perfect travel environment.

  • Driver's office

    The raised driving position, always valued by drivers, affords perfect visibility of road conditions and relaxed driving. Moreover, it ensures the best protection in road accidents, as well as a suitable position for welcoming passengers on board.
    With a spacious and ergonomic driver area, packed with practical features, drivers can perform all their daily tasks in the best possible conditions. A wide space, perfectly ergonomic dashboard and several storage compartments are the main features of this standard in the driver’s office.
    A highly efficient climate control system with 6 air vents ensures optimal driving conditions: top drivers deserve top climate comfort.

Technology and Safety

  • CREALIS: the flexibility of a bus, the efficiency of a tramway

    The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) concept was developed in the late 1990s, for services where tramways were considered financially unviable. It soon became an IVECO BUS success story.

    The BRT system is based on a combination of infrastructure, vehicles and in-use operation: dedicated bus lanes with all the facilities to run a fast, frequent and regular service. In addition, it perfectly integrates all existing high-level services and operating systems.

  • URBANWAY: Interoperability between equipment, software and services

    The URBANWAY range is labelled ITxPT, a quality seal that guarantees interoperability between equipment, software, and services. Thanks to a standardized IT architecture for all public transport stakeholders, equipment integration is simplified to the maximum and enables gradual updates and extensions of system functionalities.
    Our IVECO ON service is a turnkey tool for real-time data collection with online storage, significantly benefiting your daily maintenance and operations.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    It introduces a range of advanced driver assistant systems aimed at improving road safety and paving the way for "Autonomous Driving".
    These safety measures are designed to enhance passenger, pedestrian, and cyclist protection, potentially saving many lives. As part of these efforts, IVECO BUS is developing technologies to better identify blind spots, provide warnings to prevent collisions with pedestrians or cyclists, monitor tyre pressure, prepare for alcohol testing, and incorporate on-board cybersecurity systems throughout the vehicle's lifecycle.

The right driveline for powering green mobility

IVECO BUS promotes the use of alternative fuels and powertrains for citybuses in order to provide improved air quality in cities and help reduce CO2 emissions.
Natural Gas & Biomethane

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