Services to maximize vehicle uptime

A stationary vehicle is a loss of profit

Unexpected downtime generates costs and prevents you from meeting the commitments made to customers.

At IVECO BUS, we do everything we can to keep your vehicle on the road and available whenever you need it. To this end, we have developed an excellent set of services all focused on reducing unplanned downtime in order to maximize uptime.

Thanks to our collaboration with the IVECO BUS dealer network and telematic services, we are able to provide detailed information that is useful for vehicle monitoring and maintenance optimization, as well as remote diagnostics and software updates.

All of this results in maximized vehicle availability, time and cost savings for your business, increased productivity, and greater success.

Control Room reports

Using telematics data, the Control Room department of IVECO BUS aims to provide to its customers the Proactive Maintenance tools they need to improve their buses' uptime.

As part of the Smart Pack of the IVECO ON offering, customers with connected IVECO buses are given access to online, dynamic reports updated daily and showing information about vehicle use and behaviour, major dashboard fault lamps, and maintenance-related information, thus allowing them to improve the diagnosis, identify unusual trends for some parameters, plan their maintenance more efficiently in order to reduce the downtime.

In addition, a dedicated report is also provided for our electric range in order to monitor the trips and the use of traction batteries.

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IVECO BUS Remote Assistance Service

Remote diagnosis to reduce repair time.

IVECO BUS RAS (Remote Assistance Service) allows you to authorize a remote access to your vehicle for your IVECO dealer in order to perform a diagnosis and solve any problem and reduce downtime.

By using a single-use PIN code provided by the Easy Bus App on your smartphone, the IVECO dealer or personnel will be able to remotely check faults history, monitor vehicle parameters, and if necessary modify configurations or perform ECU software updates.

This will also help the dealer to prepare the necessary spare parts and tools for a possible on-site intervention, thus reducing the downtime as much as possible.

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IVECO BUS Over-the-Air

Going to the workshop to update your vehicle's software takes time and can cause a loss of productivity. The new IVECO Over-the-Air service allows you to update your vehicle software independently and at your convenience. This solution saves time and ensures that your vehicle is constantly updated and highly performing, without the need for workshop stops.

Updating your vehicles on the go!

IVECO Over-the-Air helps you keep your fleet efficient and productive. This feature, available on all buses with active connectivity services, is easy to use and allows for quick software updates without having to go to the workshop. The update can be downloaded and installed anywhere, anytime, and takes only a few minutes, as long as the vehicle is parked safely.

To receive communication about available updates, you must be registered with an IVECO ON account associated with your vehicles, and then the updates installation requires the IVECO Easy Bus App.

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Assistance Non-Stop

IVECO Customer Center answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing assistance in 36 European countries to help Customers keep their buses on the road.

Assistance Non-Stop
Always by your side, 24/7

In case of a breakdown, you can contact the IVECO Non-Stop Assistance service by calling the toll-free number 0080048326000.

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Maintenance & Repair

IVECO's commitment is to protect the value, performance and productivity of your bus over time. We have created solutions to match your requirements with tailor-made Repair & Maintenance contracts.

ELEMENTS is one of the main Services within the IVECO BUS Services offer.

A perfect synergy between Service, Parts and Network is available to keep your bus always ready.
You can choose the best service levels for your business size and needs, knowing that the associated costs are fixed and predictable.

Planned maintenance contracts:
Drive line
Extra Drive line
3XL Life
M Life
S Life

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Warranty Extension

IVECO BUS offers you Extended Warranty services. Warranty extensions for the elements “DRIVE LINE"" and ""EXTRA DRIVE LINE"" which you can book modularly according to your individual requirements.

For a longer period of time, you will be sure that your bus will be repaired with the outstanding professional skills that are the hallmark of the IVECO BUS After-Sales Service Network. And with the Extended Warranty service you are entitled to 24-hour roadside assistance.

Drive line
Extra Drive line

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